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About us

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It is our mission to help parents enjoy life, knowing that their kids are taking care of by a lovely, responsible sitter. We love to connect parents with sitters and make a perfect match!
Nice to meet you! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok and we've founded Nanny Nina in 2009. Finding a responsible nanny or sitter is very personal and difficult. We get that and love to help. Our database is full of lovely, fun and responsible nannies, sitters and au pairs who are looking for their ideal family. Last minute booking? Grandma who all of a sudden can't make it? Kids sick at home? Whatever the situation, Nanny Nina will find a sitter. We'll look for a reliable sitter - or au pair - so that parents can focus on their work or have some quality time together. At the same time we help nannies find their perfect job with a nice family. And after 12 years - we've gotten pretty good at it!
Watch our office video here!

Our core

We see ourselves as ambitious, responsible, honest & with a little bit of sparkle! We believe in enjoying life: sports, drinks with friends and very important: me-time. Helping parents enjoy life and babysitters making a career for themselves is the reason we go to the office every day full of energy and passion!

In addition, we love empowering women to work, both mothers and nannies. Mothers can focus on their career without having to rush home or feel bad about leaving their kids with someone they hardly know. We also help nannies make a serious career out of their babysitting work, by providing knowledge and courses.

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Our core values

✨ We genuinely care
✨ Take responsibility and enjoy freedom
✨ Love to help people and surprise them
✨ Love learning new things
✨ Do more with less
✨ Think out of the box and prepare to disrupt
✨ Embrace and live change
✨ Be authentic 
✨ We do it together #teamwork
✨ Be determined and humble

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Questions about us

What is our most important core value?

We like that we help women to be able to work if they want to. We empower women! We do this on the one hand by helping mothers with their childcare, but also by helping our nannies make their career out of babysitting.

Do you have children yourselves?

We have a nice mix in our team at the office, we have (soon to be) mothers, (former) babysitters, fathers, uncles and aunts. We are all very fond of children.

What's the dream guys?

Well, it would be really cool to be able to book a babysitter anywhere. So even if you are on holiday in Spain and you want to leave your children with a reliable, sweet babysitter – use our app! We want to expand without losing our sparkle!

How is the vibe in the office?

We think it’s very important that everyone experiences freedom. You have a lot of personal responsibility. We notice that this works well and that it is appreciated.

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