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Jennifer is looking for an au pair in Germany for (1 child)

Jennifer is looking for an au pair in Germany for (1 child)
Jennifer is looking for an au pair in Germany for (1 child)


Kids Ages

5 Months


11 Months
Start Date
17 April 2023
Host Introduction
We are about to welcome our first child in August, 2022 - and we are so excited!! I am American and my husband is German and we are very excited to start our new family. We are inquiring about an au pair so that after approx. 8 months, I can go back to work. I work in TV sales - but worked at Disney for many years so love all things Disney! I also work from home so I am really looking for someone who can come and take care of our little girl while I am working or in meetings from my home office, but who can also do a bit of help with light housework when I have free time during the day to spend with our girl. We are a pretty relaxed family and enjoy a bit of downtime, sitting in the garden, reading and traveling. I personally also love crafts and DIY projects :) We're looking forward to raising our girl in this multi-cultural home, with help from an Au Pair to potentially bring in a 3rd culture!

Expected Au Pair Description
We were actually hoping to rent a flat nearby for our Au Pair (less than 5km from our home), fully paid for with access to a car so that she can travel to our home during working hours. We'd like for her to take care of our little girl while I am working from home in my home office. Having said that, there are days where I can take longer breaks than others. In those times, it would be great if I could spend a bit more time with my girl and our Au Pair could help with some light housework (cleaning, laundry etc.). We'd like someone who is (obviously!) great with kids and any children medical safety certificates (e.g., CPR) would also be very helpful. English language is a requirement, German would also be good as we live in Germany (though we speak mostly English at home). Ideally, if the Au Pair spoke Spanish and could speak Spanish to our daughter that would be great! (I used to speak Spanish but since coming to Germany it has gotten very rusty!).

Family Fun Activities
Our house is in a pretty rural area - with lots of nature all around. Having said that, we are only a 15 minute ride from the city of Mönchengladbach with everything one might need. We are 30 minutes from Düsseldorf and 45 minutes from Köln and Aachen (all larger cities). All of which are beautiful! We sit really close to the Dutch boarder, so a spontaneous trip to the Netherlands or even Belgium is also possible. And finally, because we do appreciate a bit of our own privacy, we would like to rent an apartment for the Au Pair, very near our house (fully covered by us). This would give the Au Pair a bit of privacy herself - and a bit of quiet! Though of course she is welcome to join us for dinner's and meals when she'd like. We will be sure she has what she needs for her apartment including furniture, internet, groceries, etc.
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