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Isabella from Brazil is looking for a host family

Isabella  from Brazil is looking for a host family
Isabella from Brazil is looking for a host family


Preferred Duration

6-12+ months

Available Date


I am a very creative and curious person. I love to get to know new realities, new people and new cultures. That’s why I choose to be a teacher. I’m very interested in different ways of living and perspectives of the world!
I’m a big nature person. I love the sand and the sea. I am not very good at sports, but I enjoy going to the gym a few times a week and keep an active lifestyle. I really love to read, to create new stories and I also love to cook healthy vegetarian meals for me and my family.
I am an extrovert. Although, I have a small circle of friends that I keep it very close. I hang out with them sometimes, but I also love to stay at home with my boyfriend or just by myself.
My biggest passion is traveling! Unfortunately, I haven’t met a lot of places yet, but my dream is to travel the whole world!
Since I was a kid I was a big reader. In my free time I love to just lay down and enjoy a book. I guess it’s because when I read I feel I can get to know a whole new world (real or not) and it amazes me. Similar to that, I love to go to the movie theater! When it’s not possible, I watch movies/series in my house.
Another thing I like to do is cooking new recipes from other cultures or different ones that I have never seen or imagine.
I like to visit new places too, such as museums, restaurants, parks, libraries etc.
About my education, aside from my high school education (when I won a scholarship), I studied at a public school all my life. I always loved studying and I never got any bad grades! During high school I took an English course for 5 years and another one in administration. The last one I won a scholarship from my high school to do.
As soon as I left school, I entered a public college in my city and studied, what we call here, Letters – Portuguese.
In the course I learned a lot about languages in general, in the first year I started teaching English for kids in public schools.
I also participated in 3 extracurricular projects during 3 years in college, where I won a government scholarship to research and think about education. Due to this projects, I worked with kids and teenagers in schools.
During college I also worked as a nanny and and then as a kindergarten teacher. Now, I have been working for 2 years as a Portuguese teacher at the same state school.


Preferred Kid Groups
Children 1-3 years old
Children 4-7 years old
Children 8-10 years old
Children 11-13 years old
Children 0-12 Months old