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Adriano from Mozambique is looking for a host family

Adriano from Mozambique is looking for a host family
Adriano from Mozambique is looking for a host family


Preferred Duration

6-9 months

Available Date


My name is Adriano, I am a 20 year old Mozambican and future Au Pair. I am a warm and affectionate babo, with a years of experience working with babies, children and teenagers. I love helping families to relieve the stress of everyday life, ensuring that their children are cared for with lots of love and patience. Also, I love helping children to learn and explore in a safe, welcoming and joyful environment. Arts and crafts, dancing, teaching age-appropriate languages ​​I can speak, singing and storytelling are some of my favorite activities. and I can cook African recipes if I can so I am very happy to provide high quality care for your children!

believe that children can teach us so many things such as humbleness, simplicity and honesty, which are things I learn through them each and every day. What makes me happy the most is when I’m able to put a smile on the face of a child. I think it’s very interesting and fascinating to be an Au Pair and be able to learn and discover about the different parts and cultures of the United States. I feel ready to take this new challenge for my life. I want to grow more as a responsible and independent person. I always do my best in my work and I will take my Au Pair tasks with perfection and will study hard. I had a beautiful happy childhood and I want to convey this to the children I will care as their Au Pair. You can rest assure that you will get the best of me for your children and that my year as your Au Pair will be rewarding and positively memorable for us all. I’ve never been abroad and I can’t wait to find out what it’s really like to be part of an American Family!

ow I’m excited waiting for your contact, so then you can make my dream come true. I want to meet different places and a different way of life in your family, which will make part of my life and it will be unforgettable! Certainly we have a lot of good ideas and experiences to change.


Preferred Kid Groups
Children 4-7 years old
Children 11-13 years old