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Damla from Turkey is looking for a host family

Damla from Turkey is looking for a host family
Damla from Turkey is looking for a host family


Preferred Duration

3-6 months

Available Date


Hi my future host family 🙂

I’m Damla from Turkey 🇹🇷and 25 years old.I was born in Istanbul and always lived with my family.I love communicating and spending time with children.I like to help. I want to be the sister of the family, not the family employee. If we help each other, if we understand each other, there is always a middle ground. I’m in favor of this idea.. I can do simple housework .I like cleanliness.(cleaning my room, tidying, etc.) I don’t have much experience doing housework. But I can always be supportive. I am a banking and insurance graduate. I work in a private insurance in Turkey. I am also working at an intense tempo. That’s why I love working. But while working, discipline and respect are two important rules for me. I want to be an AuPair because I love kids very much. I think, spending time with kids very fun and interesting. I think AuPair is very good way for experience new cultures and different people also discovering new places. If we’ll choose each other, I want to be a part of family and helping each other. I can also help you with house work and errands. I’m sure I’ll love your kids so much.

Best Wishes! Damla..


Preferred Kid Groups
Children 4-7 years old
Children 8-10 years old
Children 11-13 years old