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Chi from Vietnam is looking for a host family

Chi from Vietnam is looking for a host family
Chi from Vietnam is looking for a host family

Preferred Duration

6-12+ months

Available Date


I am often told to be positive, honest and talkative. I always do my best supporting people to gain goals that are within my knowledge. Others’ happiness make mine.
I am also an empathetic person who always look for reasons behind people’s act, which puts me in their positions and makes it easier to understand their situation, therefore, I can find my way to communicate and help people.

I achieved my bachelor’s degree from the University of Languages and International Studies. My major was English Teacher Education. The main subjects were about delivering English-as-a-second-language lessons, and build curricula. I have had 5 years of teaching experiences in private schools, and 2 years of researching and developing materials at ed-tech companies.

What I like to do is enjoying activities with my friends. We usually have BBQ weekends, cooking and watching movies together. I also bake a lot in my free time. I consider myself an “expert” for brownies and cookies.

I am also a huge fan of mother nature, especially when my country is such a nature gift. I love to wander around and do bike trips to truly admire the beauty of Vietnam. Looking up Ninh Binh or Ha Giang on google, you will be amazed


Preferred Kid Groups
Children 1-3 years old
Children 4-7 years old
Children 8-10 years old
Children 11-13 years old
Children 0-12 Months old