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About us

Nanny Nina founders Jasmijn and Lyla smiling in the camera excited to tell you about their occassional nanny service
It is our mission to help parents enjoy life, knowing that their kids are taking care of by a lovely, responsible sitter. We love to connect parents with sitters and make a perfect match!
Are you in need for a babysitter or au pair? Of are you a babysitter or au pair looking for a family? We’ve got you! We love to find the perfect match between nannies & families and after 12 years we’ve gotten pretty good at it. A strict reference check, high requirements and a lot of experience makes our nannies the best of all.
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How does our service work?

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You can easily pay your sitter by using our app!
What does it cost to hire a babysitter?
Average hourly pay
7 euros per hour
Service costs
21% per booking
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vaste oppas leest boekje met klein kindje
Do you want a 15% discount on your first booking?
Au pair manou lacht met kindje op haar nek ook zon leuke oppas oftewel oppas gezocht?

Questions of other parents

What does it cost to hire a sitter?

Our sitters decide their hourly pay themselves. This is higher when they have more experience of are a little bit older. On average the hourly pay is between 6-10 euros. If the kids are in bed, you can subtract 2 euros per hour.

Why do I pay 21% service costs?

The 21% is for our service. We screen our nannies and our algorithm finds the perfect match!

How do I pay the sitter?

You can pay your sitter easily by using our app of site. The hours of your request will automatically be sent to your sitter, she can adjust these if necessary and then send them to you. If you agree with the hours, the sitter is automatically paid by using your bankaccount. Easy!

Can I cancel a booking?

Of course it can happen that you need to cancel your booking, no worries. We don’t charge for cancelling a booking. Just remove your booking and you’re good!


What does Nanny Nina do for you?

Great question! We screen our sitters with love, so you have a reliable, loving and experienced sitter at your doorstep.

Book your favorite sitter

Do you like one person to look after your kids? We’ve got you! You can check your favorite sitter as “favorite” in our app and we’ll send your request to her first. If she can’t make it, we’ll look for someone else in your neighbourhood.


If your sitter is sick or can’t make the appointment, you can always place a new request and we’ll go looking for someone who’d love to babysit your kids! This way you never have a babysitting problem again!

team nanny nina selfie op kantoor in haarlem met 5 dames die achter een vergadertafel zitten

Services of Nanny Nina

Nanny Nina Icon
Permanent nanny

+- €10,- per hour

Nanny Nina Icon

Permanent nanny

+- €10,- per hour

  • 1 fixed nanny on fixed days
  • Help with schoolwork & housekeeping
  • 98% match within 2 days
More info
Nanny Nina Icon
Occasional babysitter

+- €7,- per hour

More info
Nanny Nina Icon

Occasional babysitter

+- €7,- per hour

  • Receive 1-3 screened profiles of sitters
  • Book 30 minutes in advance
  • 98% chance of match
More info
Nanny Nina Icon
Au pair

+- €340,- a month

More info
Nanny Nina Icon

Au pair

+- €340,- a month

  • Flexible hours
  • Wonderful adventure for your kids
  • Lives in your house
More info

Why Nanny Nina?

vaste oppas leest boekje met klein kindje

We have one mission and that is that we want parents to enjoy life! Do you want a night out? Our loving and reliable sitters are excited to meet your family! So you can have a little time for yourself and/or your partner. 

We love to find the perfect match between nannies & families and after 12 years we’ve gotten pretty good at it. A strict reference check, high requirements and a lot of experience makes our nannies the best of all.

We are honest, responsible, full of ambition & we love adding a dash of sparkle ✨

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