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Want to host an au pair? Read all about becoming a host family in Belgium

Date: 11/04/2022
Author: Nanny Nina
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Need a little help around the house for your children? Then you should consider hosting an au pair and become a host family in Belgium! An au pair is cheaper than childcare and in addition to babysitting, the au pair can help you with light household tasks. An au pair comes to Belgium for a cultural exchange and to get in touch with your children. You will always have someone around to help you! Sounds amazing right?

What is an au pair?

The au pair is between 17-30 years old and joins a cultural exchange, also knows as the Au Pair Programme. During this exchange, the au pair lives with your family and takes care of the children. The au pair learns more about the Belgium culture and helps with the household.

What are the requirements for a Belgium au pair?

  • They are between 18 and 25 years old (up to 30 years old for EU citizens);
  • They are unmarried and have no children;
  • They have never had a work permit before in Belgium;
  • They have a basic knowledge of either Dutch, French or German (depending on the region where you want to go);
  • They have a school-leaving qualification which allows you to attend university, or can you prove that you attended school up to the age of 17;
  • They can cover the expenses of your au pair stay and your return trip.
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How much does an au pair earn in Belgium?

An au pair is entitled to board, lodging and pocket money. In Belgium the minimum pocket money is €450 per month. In addition to board, lodging and pocket money, an au pair is also entitled to at least two days off per week.

In addition, if an au pair stays with the family for a year, she is entitled to two weeks of paid vacation. To ensure that the au pair does not exceed the maximum number of working hours of 20 hours, it is important to make a work schedule. This contains the hours that the au pair works for your family. 

What does a host family in Belgium pay Nanny Nina?

The au pair agency is the official contact between you and the au pair. We assist in finding the perfect au pair match and help with the process of collecting the right documents for your au pair. 

More information about pricing can be found here.

irish mother with her kids looking at a tablet to find au pair in ireland

What are the requirements for a host family in Belgium?

  • You have at least one child under the age of 13 living in your household;
  • Your future au pair will have an individual bedroom and a key to your home;
  • Your au pair may help caring for the children and will be treated as a member of the family;
  • You speak Dutch, French or German in your daily family life;
  • You are prepared to give your au pair sufficient time to participate in a language course;
  • You have a different nationality from your au pair;
  • You will be able to cover the costs.

Au pair contract

The au pair contract contains rules and decisions made between the au pair and host family. Both parties need to sign the contract before the au pair travels to Italy.

Duties of an au pair

The main duty of the au pair is taking care of the children. In addition, the au pair helps with light household tasks such as emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up the table after dinner or folding some laundry. Be sure to discuss together what you expect, so that it’s clear for you both!

How many hours per week does the au pair work?

In Belgium, au pairs are not permitted to work more than 4 hours a day (babysitting hours included) and 20 hours per week spread out over a maximum of 6 days a week.

Free time

Au pairs in Belgium are entitled to at least one day off per week. The au pair and family should decide together which day this will be. If the au pair wishes to have a particular day free for religious reasons, then the family must respect this wish.  

We do recommend that au pairs have a day off on public holidays, how else are they going to experience the wonderful Belgium culture?

Does the au pair need to take a language course?

Au pairs from non-EU countries have to attend a language course during their stay. According to the region where the host family lives, the au pair will take part in a Dutch, French or German language course.

The language course has to be offered by an officially recognized institution – private tuition, distance learning courses or private school courses are not accepted. If the au pair does not have a basic knowledge of one of the Belgian languages, then she or he  will have to attend an intensive language course upon arrival in Belgium.

The host family will also have to prepare a cultural program for so the au pair can learn more about Belgian culture.

Does the au pair need to register in Belgium?

If the au pair comes from a EU/EFTA country:

Step 1: The au pair needs a valid identity card or passport

Step 2: The au pair needs to register with local municipality in Belgium

If the au pair is not from a EU/EFTA country:

Step 1: The au pair needs a valid identity card or passport

Step 2: The au pair needs to apply for a work and employment permit

Step 3: Apply for a visa

Step 4: Registration with the local municipal authority in Belgium

au pair in ireland with her host kid walking on a beautiful path in nature want to become a host family in ireland

Where can you register to become a host family in Belgium?

Register right here and place an au pair request.

Becoming a host family in Belgium

As mentioned, the au pair joins a cultural exchange where he or she focuses on babysitting and learning more about the Belgium culture. Before the au pair flies to Belgium, the au pair contract must be signed by you and the au pair.

There are some laws and regulations for you and the au pair. Make sure these are clear. In addition, it’s important that you find out whether your au pair need to apply for a visa and which measures apply for your au pair. 

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