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Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. Our goal is for parents to enjoy themselves, while their children also have a great time. Finding the ideal babysitter is a very personal quest, which we like to make a lot easier. Our database is full of reliable, fun, naturally sweet nannies with the perfect match for every family. Last minute appointment, grandma who can’t come, unexpectedly the children at home for a day? Whatever the situation, with Nanny Nina the babysitter is arranged in no time.

We are all about trust and freedom. We provide a reliable babysitter – or childminder or au pair – so that parents can focus on their work or have some time to themselves. At the same time, we help our nannies to make a serious career out of their babysitting job. At the Nanny Nina Academy we train interested parties in six months to become a pedagogical professional to get started as a childminder. We like to help women in their strength, so that they can get the best out of themselves.

Want to host an au pair? Read all about successfully becoming a host family in the Netherlands

Date: 11/04/2022
Author: Nanny Nina
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Need a little help around the house for your children? Then you should consider hosting an au pair and become a host family in the Netherlands! An au pair is cheaper than childcare and in addition to babysitting, the au pair can help you with light household tasks. An au pair comes to the Netherlands for a cultural exchange and to connect with your children and family. You will always have someone around to help you! Sounds amazing right?

What is an au pair?

The au pair is between 18-25 years old and joins a cultural exchange, also known as the au pair program. During this exchange, the au pair lives with your family and takes care of the children. The au pair learns more about Dutch culture and helps with the household.

What are the requirements for a Dutch au pair?

  • They are between 18-25 years old;
  • They are unmarried and have no children;
  • This is their first time going to the Netherlands as an au pair.

find au pair in the netherlands or find au pair jobs in the netherlands groningen

How much does an au pair earn in the Netherlands?

An au pair is entitled to food, lodging, and pocket money. In the Netherlands, pocket money for au pairs is between 300 and 340 euros per month.

What does a host family in the Netherlands pay Nanny Nina?

The au pair agency is the official contact between you and the au pair. We assist in finding the perfect au pair match and help with the process of collecting the right documents for your au pair. 

More information about pricing can be found here.

irish mother with her kids looking at a tablet to find au pair in ireland

What are the requirements for a host family in the Netherlands?

  • You have at least one child under the age of 18;
  • You can provide your au pair with a separate room with a window;
  • You are prepared to welcome a young adult into your family treating them as an equal family member for a period of up to one year as part of a cultural exchange;
  • Someone is always available who can assume the responsibilities of your au pair if that should be necessary;
  • Your au pair will have sufficient time to take part in a language course;
  • You have sufficient income to support your family and your au pair for the period of the au pair stay.

Au pair contract

The au pair contract contains rules and decisions made between the au pair and host family. Both parties need to sign the contract before the au pair travels to the Netherlands.

Duties of an au pair

The main duty of the au pair is taking care of the children. In addition, the au pair helps with light household tasks such as emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up the table after dinner, or folding some laundry. Be sure to discuss together what you expect so that it’s clear for you both!

How many hours per week does the au pair work?

In the Netherlands, au pairs are not permitted to work more than 30 hours per week and should have at least 2 days off per week. Aside from these two days, they also are entitled to two weeks of paid holiday.

Does the au pair need to take a language course?

Au pairs in the Netherlands are entitled to attend a language course. The host family should help the au pair in finding suitable offers within their area, and contribute 320 euros per year to the language course.

The au pair program in the Netherlands is meant to be a cultural exchange. This includes the au pair and host family pursuing typical Dutch activities together to bring the au pair closer to Dutch culture. The au pair should not be seen as an employee but rather an additional member of the family.

Does the au pair need to register in the Netherlands?

Yes. The steps differ for au pairs from a non-EU country or an EU country.

Is your au pair from an EU country?

Step 1: Find an au pair or host family

Step 2: The family chooses a recognized au pair agency in the Netherlands

Step 3: Au pair registers with the local town council

Is your au pair not from an EU country?

Step 1: Find an au pair or host family

Step 2: Ensure a valid passport

Step 3: The family chooses a recognized au pair agency in the Netherlands – Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂

Step 4: The agency starts an Entry and Residence (TEV) Procedure

Step 5: Collect your visa (MVV) and resident permit (VVR)

Step 6: Au pair registers with the local town council

Step 7: Medical examination

become an au pair and have the adventure of a lifetime like this lovely au pair walking with a cute girl towards the sunset on a beautiful beach or become a host family in the netherlands and host an au pair

Where can you register to become a host family in the Netherlands?

Register right here and place an au pair request.

Becoming a host family in the Netherlands

As mentioned, the au pair joins a cultural exchange where he or she focuses on babysitting and learning more about Dutch culture. Before the au pair flies to the Netherlands, the au pair contract must be signed by the host family and the au pair.

There are some laws and regulations for the host family and au pair that should be followed to ensure a smooth process for entry and integration into the country. In addition, it’s important to find out whether your au pair needs to apply for a visa and which additional measures need to be taken.

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