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Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. Our goal is for parents to enjoy themselves, while their children also have a great time. Finding the ideal babysitter is a very personal quest, which we like to make a lot easier. Our database is full of reliable, fun, naturally sweet nannies with the perfect match for every family. Last minute appointment, grandma who can’t come, unexpectedly the children at home for a day? Whatever the situation, with Nanny Nina the babysitter is arranged in no time.

We are all about trust and freedom. We provide a reliable babysitter – or childminder or au pair – so that parents can focus on their work or have some time to themselves. At the same time, we help our nannies to make a serious career out of their babysitting job. At the Nanny Nina Academy we train interested parties in six months to become a pedagogical professional to get started as a childminder. We like to help women in their strength, so that they can get the best out of themselves.

Everything you need to know about becoming an au pair in Ireland

Date: 23/03/2022
Author: Nanny Nina
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Becoming an au pair in Ireland – What are the requirements? What does the process consists of? Which documents do you need, and what exactly are you going to do as an au pair? In short, how do you become an au pair in Ireland?

Requirements to become an au pair in Ireland

  • You are at least 18 and no more than 30 years old;
  • You are unmarried and have no children;
  • You have a basic knowledge of English;
  • You can pay for your travel costs;
  • You want to come to Ireland to learn a foreign language and take care of children;
  • You have access to sufficient financial resources (several thousand euros)*. Not required for EU and EFTA citizens.
dublin find au pair in ireland

What do you earn as an au pair in Ireland?

Next to board and lodging, an au pair in Ireland will receive a weekly payment that meets the Minimum Wage requirements for employees during the first year of employment.

How many hours do you have to work as an au pair in Ireland?

Au pairs in Ireland may work 30 hours per week max. Au pairs can also do some babysitting up to 3 evenings per week, which should be included in the 30 working hours.

Days off as an Irish au pair

We advise two days off per week and to one week of paid holiday per six months. There are no official regulations regarding public holidays in Ireland.

We do recommend that au pairs have a day off on public holidays, how else are they going to experience the wonderful Irish culture?

three au pairs sitting on a bench in a beautiful irish surrounding talking about their au pair adventure

Do you have to register when coming to Ireland as an au pair?

Yes, if the au pair is from a non EU country they should apply for a visa first and then register with the local authorities. Citizens of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan may apply for a working holiday visa. Please note that the number of visas is limited and that there are certain periods in which the application must be made. Furthermore, applicants must have sufficient funds to support themselves at least during the initial part of their stay in Ireland.

US citizens can enter Ireland on a work & travel visa. Please note that, in order to qualify for the programme, participants should either be in post-secondary education or have recently graduated (i.e. within the last 12 months). In addition, they will need to present an original bank statement showing that they have access to 1,500 euros plus a return ticket or 3,000 euros.

Students from outside the EU / EFTA who attend a recognised full time study course of at least one full academic year may work up to 20 hours per week during term time and up to 40 hours per week during the academic summer and winter holidays. However, it should be noted that most host families want their au pairs to work 30 hours per week.

After the arrival of an au pair from a non-EU country in Ireland, she/he must register with the local authorities and apply for a PPS number.

If the au pair is from an EU country they need a valid passport or ID and apply for a PPS number.

How to apply for a PPS number

The Department of Social Protection issues the PPS number to the au pair. Further information is available at the Social Welfare Local Office.

The following documents are required when applying for a PPS number:

  • A valid passport or identity card;
  • Proof of place of residence. For this purpose, the host family should write a short letter confirming that the au pair is currently living with them. It may be that the au pair needs to attach a household utility bill in the family’s name and address. 

More information on the PPS number is available at the Citizens Information website.

Au pair contract

The au pair contract contains rules and decisions made between the au pair and host family. Both parties need to sign the contract before the au pair travels to Ireland.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

So, you now know what the requirements are and what the process to become an au pair in Ireland consists of. All you have to think about now is the foreign adventure that awaits you!

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Register as an au pair for free!

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