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Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. Our goal is for parents to enjoy themselves, while their children also have a great time. Finding the ideal babysitter is a very personal quest, which we like to make a lot easier. Our database is full of reliable, fun, naturally sweet nannies with the perfect match for every family. Last minute appointment, grandma who can’t come, unexpectedly the children at home for a day? Whatever the situation, with Nanny Nina the babysitter is arranged in no time.

We are all about trust and freedom. We provide a reliable babysitter – or childminder or au pair – so that parents can focus on their work or have some time to themselves. At the same time, we help our nannies to make a serious career out of their babysitting job. At the Nanny Nina Academy we train interested parties in six months to become a pedagogical professional to get started as a childminder. We like to help women in their strength, so that they can get the best out of themselves.

4 tips for meeting a new nanny

Date: 08/07/2021
Author: Nanny Nina
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How do you prepare for meeting a new nanny? What questions do you ask and what agreements are made? What information does the nanny really need to know about the children? And what does the first day look like? All questions that we will answer in this blog. Read on!

Tip 1: Expectations

After a while you’ve found an experienced nanny that you will meet. Nice! This can be exciting for families who have never had a nanny before.

Therefore, clearly state your expectations during the introduction so that there is no confusion about this. Also ask the nanny whether your expectations match and what he or she thinks about this.

Tip 2: Agreements

Discuss everything there is to discuss! Think of the times, days, meeting point, weekly routine, the hourly wage and the ideal start date.

The nanny may also have to travel by car or public transport. In this case, discuss how much travel allowance the nanny will receive or how the nanny will reach your home.

Tip 3: The children

Take the time to introduce your children to the nanny. They need to get used to a new face and are probably just as curious about this person as you are. Also give the nanny an insight into your life and daily routine.

Share what activities the children enjoy doing, discuss rituals such as an afternoon nap, inquire about preferred screen time, sleeping times and pick-up times, and discuss what small household chores the nanny can take on.

Do not forget to inform about practical matters such as study days and school holidays.

Tip 4: The first day

When the introduction went well and you have a great feeling about the nanny, we speak of a successful match. Yeah! But before the first day that the nanny comes to babysit, it’s important to discuss the last matters thoroughly.

Make sure the nanny has all important phone numbers and, if necessary, a contact person in case of emergency. Make agreements about the key and tell them where the first aid box is.

Discuss any allergies and make the children’s and yourself’s schedule known. Make agreements about other costs, such as groceries and activities that the nanny can undertake with the children.

Check, check, check?!

So, that’s settled! You have discussed everything with the nanny, left your phone number and told her what the daily routine is and where the first aid box is.

Now you can leave your children safely behind and enjoy a well-deserved night out with your partner, friends or colleagues. Cheers!

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