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Nanny Nina Business

Business nanny increases productivity

Have you ever tried working with kids running around? It’s impossible to actually get something done. Nanny Nina’s nannies and babysitters love caring for kids while the parent works at home. This way the parent can actually get something done and the children will have a great time with one of our screened and lovely nannies!

Happy employees

All our babysitters have experience with children and have been screened. This means that your children are in good hands and you have more time for yourself and your work. Partners we’ve worked with are known for taking care of their employees.

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About us

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It is our mission to help parents enjoy life, knowing that their kids are taking care of by a lovely, responsible nanny. We love to connect parents with sitters and make a perfect match!
Nice to meet you, we are Jasmine & Lyla Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. We love to find the perfect match between nannies & families and after 12 years we’ve gotten pretty good at it. A strict reference check, high requirements and a lot of experience makes our nannies the best of all. Do you want to provide our business nanny service to your employees? Get in touch and send an e-mail to [email protected].
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What does a business nanny cost?
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Questions of parents

How do I pay the sitter?

You can pay your sitter easily by using our app of site. The hours of your request will automatically be sent to your sitter, she can adjust these, if necessary, and then send them to you. If you agree with the hours, the sitter is automatically paid by using your bank account. Easy!

After you’ve paid the nanny, you can declare the costs with your employer.

Is my employer a Nanny Nina partner?

Always ask if your employer is a Nanny Nina business partner. Do they need more information? Contact us at [email protected].

O no! I need a sitter asap!

No worries, just click here to book an emergency sitter and breathe!

Can I cancel my booking?

Of course it can happen that you need to cancel your booking, no worries. We don’t charge for cancelling a booking. Just remove your booking and you’re good!

How old are Nanny Nina sitters?

The minimum age to register at Nanny Nina is 16 years old.

Can I register my current nanny or childminder with Nanny Nina?

Of course! She needs to register as well as yourself so you can match with each other. This way you can automatically pay her by using our app and declare the costs with your employer!