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Find au pair in Germany

Welcome your au pair in 2 months
  • Affordable, flexible and reliable childcare in Germany
  • An au pair comes and lives with you in your home
  • The au pair helps with the kids and housekeeping
  • It’s an amazing cultural exchange for your kids!

Hosting an au pair in Germany

find au pair jobs in germany such as in this cute village with typical german houses
Germany is famous for its rich and interesting history, no wonder au pairs are wanted to come and visit your beautiful country!
Aside from the obvious benefits of hosting an au pair, it can also be pretty stressful. What about your privacy? We have experienced that you don't have to worry about that at all. Au pairs love to go on adventures, they are adventurous types! Especially in a beautiful country like Germany? Beautiful architecture, booming cities with amazing nightlife, gorgeous landscapes, mountains and forests.
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This father is walking a trail in germany with his daughter and they are looking to find au pair in germany

Questions of other parents in Germany

When do I have to pay the €1000,- euro fee?

You pay after we’ve found you your perfect au pair.

What are the rules for au pairs in Germany?
Requirements to become an Au Pair in Germany depend on your nationality. If you are a European Union country national:
  • Age: 18 – 30 years
  • Valid passport or ID card to register at the foreigners’ office.

If you are not a European Union national you will need a visa or residence permit.

The general visa requirements of Germany are:
    • Age: 18 – 26
    • Basic German knowledge (you have to present an A1 certificate)
    • Au Pair contract you set up with your host family
    • Health insurance valid for the whole stay in Germany (your Host Family will pay for it)
    • Valid passport
    • You need to show that you can cover your visa and travel expenses
    • Sometimes you need an invitation letter (required for some nationalities)
    • Sometimes you need a motivation letter (required for some nationalities)
What if the video calls with candidates don't lead to a match?

It happens! It’s unfortunate, but of course we will do our best to find you another candidate who better suits your family.

Does an au pair help with housekeeping?

Yes, the au pair can do light housework. They can help with vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, putting in a wash and folding laundry – but no cleaning of the bathroom or cleaning windows for example.

What do you pay an au pair in Germany?

The au pair lives with you and your family and is entitled to 280 euros per month as pocket money. Host Families must also contribute to the payment of a language course for a total of 600 euros.

How many hours per week does a German au pair work?

The au pair will need to work 30 hours per week (including babysitting) with a maximum of 6 hours per day.

According to the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Employment Agency), Au Pairs should have at least 4 evenings and one complete day off.

Au Pairs from Non-European Union (EU) member states are not allowed to have other jobs during their stay in Germany.

How many days off does the au pair have?

Au Pairs will have at least one free day per week and 4 free evenings. At least one Sunday per month must also be free. German regulations establish that Au Pairs in a one year stay will have four weeks off for their holiday. If the stay is shorter, they will have two days off in a working month.

Does my au pair need to register in Germany?

Yes, your au pair needs to register at the foreign office (Ausländerbehörde) as soon as possible once they’ve arrived in Germany.

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Costs to find au pair in Germany

Administration fee

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Our team helps you find au pair in Germany

Meet our au pair team of nanny nina
Meet our au pair team!
What kind of au pairs do we select? We choose our au pairs very carefully. They need to be reliable, sparkly people who really love and adore children. Our au pairs are mature and independent, just someone you would love to have around your family. Fun fact: We used to all be au pairs before, so we know exactly what it entails. Our screening process is pretty strict, so only the best of the best get through. Together we guide you and your au pair in every step, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Always available for any questions you might have. Oh, and we have matched more than 200 au pairs already, so we know what we’re talking about!
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