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Find au pair from Sweden

Within 2 months an au pair on your doorstep!
  • Affordable, flexible, and reliable childcare
  • An au pair from Sweden comes and lives with you
  • Helps with the kids and housekeeping
  • Cultural exchange for your kids

au pair agent team 10 agents with pastel colors smiling in camera from the Headquarters in Haarlem

Frequently asked questions of other parents in Sweden

When do I have to pay the agency euro fee?

You pay after we’ve found you your perfect au pair and you want to contact her/him.

Where do the Nanny Nina au pairs come from?

Our au pairs come from all over the world! The thing they have in common is that they LOVE kids and speak English so that communication isn’t going to be an issue!

What if the video call didn't lead to a match?

That’s unfortunate, but of course we will do our best to find you another candidate who better suits your family.

Does the au pair help with the housekeeping?

Yes, the au pair can do light housework. They can help with vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, putting in a wash and folding laundry – but no cleaning of the bathroom of cleaning windows for example.

Do you screen the au pairs?

We are happy to screen your au pair and can assist with this.  You can buy the premium service and then we can help with screening, checking references and provide visa advice. 

What does the au pair team at Nanny Nina do exactly?

We build a nice working platform, can help you with contracts, the extensive screening of your au pair, visa application, and most importantly: we can guide your au pair and organize events during your au pair’s stay so that you and your au pair have a great experience!

More questions regarding au pairs
Au pair cost overview in Sweden

One-time administration fee

Placement through Nanny Nina
premium screening and visa guidance

Monthly costs

Allowance au pair estimate
around 300
Au pair Academy (Dutch Lessons and events)
First aid course (in academy)
Phone fee | optional
Travel allowance | optional
Au pair insurance | optional
Total cost estimation
Place your au pair request
Place a booking and receive profiles
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About our au pair team

Meet our au pair team of nanny nina
Au pair from Sweden - Nanny Nina
Meet our au pair agency. What kind of au pairs do we select? We choose our au pairs very carefully. They need to be reliable, sparkly people who really love and adore children. Our au pairs are mature and independent, just someone you would love to have around your family. Fun fact! We used to all be au pairs before, so we know exactly what it entails. Our screening process is pretty strict, so only the best of the best get through. Together we guide you and your au pair in every step, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Always available for any questions you might have! Oh, and we have matched more than 200 au pairs already, so we know what we’re talking about!
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