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Au pair manou lacht met kindje op haar nek ook zon leuke oppas oftewel oppas gezocht?
Help! Permanent nanny, au pair or childminder?

Tough choice, huh? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. Below we briefly explain the difference between a permanent nanny, an au pair and a childminder.

Permanent nanny

Our permanent nannies have experience with children and have been screened. Usually these are students who like to babysit. We ask them to be available for at least 6 months, so that you have a permanent face for your children for six months and so they really build a relationship with each other.

Good to know

Our permanent nannies provide intensive one-on-one quality time with your children and help a little with domestic work.

Au pair

Are you looking for flexibility? An au pair could be perfect for you. Our English speaking au pairs have been screened and have experience with children. He/she lives in your house for a year and helps with the kids and domestic work. In return you provide allowance and board & lodging.

Good to know

It has been proven that an au pair is good for the (language) development of your children.


A childminder is less easy to find than the two above. Childminders have experience and the right diplomas to support and help your child in its development. If you opt for a childminder, you are eligible for childcare allowance.

Good to know

Our host parents come to your home, so your house must meet a number of important safety requirements, but we can help with that.

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How does it work?

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Sitters receive your request immediately
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Questions about permanent nannies, au pairs or childminders

What does it cost to hire a sitter?

Our sitters decide their hourly pay themselves. This is higher when they have more experience of are a little bit older. On average the hourly pay is between 6-10 euros. If the kids are in bed, you can subtract 2 euros per hour.

What is the difference between a permanent nanny and a childminder?

A childminder is a professional nanny with qualifications to work with children, this is why you receive childcare allowance. A childminder is often financially attractive if you need more than 1 child and more than 10 hours of childcare per child per week.

Tip: A childminder means you are visited by someone from the municipality, more administration, and sometimes you need to pay legal costs for registration in the childcare register.

How many children can my childminder take care of?

This depends on the age of the children:

  • The childminder can take care of a maximum of 6 children up to 13 years old at the same time
  • The childminder may take in a maximum of 5 children up to 4 years old at the same time
  • The childminder can take care of a maximum of 4 children up to 2 years old at the same time
  • The childminder may take in a maximum of 2 babies (up to 1 year) at the same time
What is an au pair?

An au pair is between 19-30 years old and comes from another country. He/she comes and lives at your place and helps you take care of your kids and the household. First and foremost you need to see it as a cultural exchange and as a wonderful experience for your kids. Secondly, it’s a flexible and affordable way of daycare.

How long can my au pair stay?

An au pair can stay for one year in the Netherlands. If he/she is returning home, we’d love to help you find someone new!