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Book an au pair

Book your au pair

Within 2 months an au pair on your doorstep!
  • An au pair comes and lives with you
  • Your au pair can help 30 hours per week
  • It’s a lot cheaper than other daycare options
  • Extra pair of hands for kids and household
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About us

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It is our mission to help parents enjoy their life, knowing that their kids are taking care of by a lovely, responsible au pair. We love to connect parents with au pairs and make a perfect match!
Are you in need for a babysitter or au pair? Of are you a babysitter or au pair looking for a family? We’ve got you! We love to find the perfect match between nannies & families and after 12 years we’ve gotten pretty good at it. A strict reference check, high requirements and a lot of experience makes our au pairs and nannies the best of all.
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Costs of an au pair

Nanny Nina costs

Placement through Nanny Nina
Discount if you find your own au pair
- 1000

Monthly costs

Telephone costs
Nanny Nina Academy training
Au pair insurance
First aid course (incl in academy)
Place your au pair request
Or call us for more info: 06 83 26 11 16
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How it works

Place an au pair request!
Within 2 weeks: we select an au pair for your family. Or you look for an au pair yourself. Get to know each other!
Within 6 weeks: Your au pair gets on a plane and arrives at your doorstep.
Within 8 weeks: Collect the residence permit at the IND.
Within 9 weeks: Register at the township to receive a BSN number, so you can open a bank account!
Within 3 months: Do a TB examination if needed.
Within 4 months: Make sure your au pair has a basic health insurance and au pair insurance within 4 months after arrival.
Within 5 months: You're all good! Everything is taken care of.
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Questions of other parents

What is an au pair?

An au pair is between 19-30 years old and comes from another country. He/she comes and lives at your place and helps you take care of your kids and the household. First and foremost you need to see it as a cultural exchange and as a wonderful experience for your kids. Secondly, it’s a flexible and affordable way of daycare.

What are the rights that an au pair has?

They are entitled to an allowance and board & lodging. Allowance is legally set at different amounts per country. For example in the Netherlands it has to be a minimum of €300 and a maximum of €340 a month, but in Belgium the minimum is €450 a month with no fixed maximum amount.

Aside from these costs an au pair is entitled to a minimum of 2 days off per week and 2 weeks of paid vacation if he/she stays with your family for a year.

An au pair can work a maximum of 30 hours per week, which you discuss together.

How long can my au pair stay?

An au pair can stay for one year in the Netherlands. If he/she is returning home, we’d love to help you find someone new!

What are the demands of the room the au pair is staying in?

The room needs to have daylight and a window that can open and close. It has to private, heated if needed and there needs to be enough lighting. Oh, and wifi of course! Make your au pair feel at home, it’s pretty exciting for her as well.

What does Nanny Nina do exactly?

We make sure we have all the right contracts, screen the au pair, apply for a visa at the IND and best of all – we make sure your au pair feels at home & organize events for him/her.

Au pair from Nanny Nina

What kind of au pairs do we select? We choose our au pairs very carefully. We only want reliable, sparkly people who really love and adore children.

  • Our au pairs are reliable, mature and independent
  • Someone you would love to have around your family

We guide you and your au pair in every step, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We get in touch with your au pair and make sure we have all the right documents for the IND.

We screen her carefully and give advice when needed. Before your au pair arrives, she will get an information box with practical tips to feel right at home.

Our au pair academy has great language courses to help your au pair get to know our culture. We check in by sending an app or call and we’re always available for any questions your might have.

What Nanny Nina does for you

What do we do for you?

We screen your au pair and make sure you and your au pair comply with all au pair laws and regulations. We also make sure that you and your family have a carefree and pleasant au pair year and that your au pair has a great time! We do this with love (& work late hours if we have to) because we really love our work.

Au pair guidance & events

We think it’s so important that your au pair gets help and guidance to feel at home. That’s why we organize 6 au pair events every year. Think, for example, of ice skating in Amsterdam at Christmas, celebrating Sinterklaas evening, boat trips in Haarlem and high tea in picturesque locations.

Au pair training

We are the only au pair agency that offers our au pairs access to our own in-house au pair academy. It provides all kinds of interesting training courses on how to “survive” in the Netherlands. You will also find courses on self-development, communication and pedagogical development.

Au pair screening

Hosting an au pair is a choice that has a major impact on your life, and that of your children. That is why we make sure that you have a perfect match with your au pair. As a family, you can also look for an au pair yourself, but even then we screen the au pair according to our strict guidelines and check whether it is a good fit. It sometimes happens that we advise you to choose another au pair after the screening because we hear alarm bells going off.

We have a lot of experience with screening and know what questions to ask to prevent the au pair from coming to the Netherlands with wrong reasons or expectations. We also test whether he or she is exactly what you’re looking for in terms of standards and values, character and experience. We sincerely believe that investing a little more time in advance and choosing the right au pair candidate can avoid a lot of time and problems.

Au pair law & legislation

As an au pair agency, we've been given the responsibility of the Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization to ensure that all administration is in order, but also that the au pair laws and regulations are followed. That is a huge responsibility, because the regulations are complex.

This is what we do for you as an au pair agency:

- search for a suitable au pair
- screen the au pair and check references
- drawing up contracts
- check submitted documents such as salary statement and BRP
- submit the au pair application to the ministry of immigration and naturalization
- guide the au pair with evaluations
- give advice on insurance and legislation

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