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Frequently asked questions

How do I pay my nanny?

You pay the nanny by using our app at the end of the day. Your nanny sends the hours he/she worked, then you check them and if you agree, it will be automatically debited from your account. Nice and easy!

What does it cost to hire a nanny?

Our babysitters decide their own hourly rate themselves. This is higher the more experience they have or the older they are. In general, the hourly wage is between 6 and 10 euros. If the children are in bed, you can deduct an average of 2 euros per hour.

Help! I need a babysitter asap! What do I do?

Breathe! Submit an urgent request or contact [email protected] We’ve got you.

Can I cancel my booking?

It can always happen that you are feeling sick, or that you no longer need a babysitter for other reasons. Then cancel your request by deleting it. So easy!

How old do Nanny Nina's babysitters have to be?

The minimum age to register with Nanny Nina is 16 years old.

Oh no! My nanny is sick!

Oh dear, annoying! But hey, that can happen. Don’t worry, place an “occasional request” and we will immediately start looking for a lovely back-up nanny.