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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the answers to our frequently asked questions about our babysitting service!

What’s the difference between an occasional and permanent nanny?

The occasional nanny comes at the time you need her. For example when you go for a night out. You can even book an occasional nanny last minute. A permanent nanny comes on the same day every week.  



Does the nanny follow our parenting style?

That's up to you.  

Make clear agreements

You can discuss this with your nanny and it's important that make clear agreements about this with the nanny.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbIBoLFTGHQ

How big should an au pair’s room be?

The au pair has to have her own room.

Room au pair

The au pair's room must be at least 9 square meters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1dMlQY94pc

Can I pay my babysitter in cash?

It is not possible to pay your babysitter in cash at Nanny Nina.

Nanny Nina app

All payments go through the Nanny Nina app. This is easy and safe and gives you a good overview of your expenses.

When does the day rate apply and when does the evening rate apply?

You have different rates at Nanny Nina.


The day rate applies when your children are awake, the evening rate starts when they are asleep. If bedtime is at 7.30 pm, the evening rate applies from 7.30 pm.

Why do I have to upload a profile picture with Nanny Nina?

You are required to upload a profile picture at Nanny Nina.

Profile picture

It is very important to have a picture of who you have in front of you when choosing a nanny as a parent or choosing a family as a nanny. A photo immediately gives a good impression.
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