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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the answers to our frequently asked questions about our babysitting service!

How long can you stay as an au pair in Ireland?

With the visa, the au pair can stay for a maximum of one year.

What is Nanny Nina?

Nanny Nina helps family's to enjoy life. We find experienced babysitters through our platform and match them with a family.

Can you work as an au pair when you are married?

No, as an au pair you are not married and don't have children.

How much pocket money does an au pair get?

The remuneration for au pairs typically varies between €120 and €250 per week, that is despite a legal requirement for a minimum wage.

Which languages do you need to speak as an au pair?

No official requirement for this but English is definitely good.

How old do you need to be to become an au pair?

You need to be between 18 - 30 to become an au pair.
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