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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the answers to our frequently asked questions about our babysitting service!

Are babysitters screened by the app?

When a babysitter wants to make a profile on our site or app, we ask them for a reference from someone who knows how they are with kids. Then we get in touch with that person, so we know if they are Nanny Nina material.  


If they are, we use their reference on our site for parents to read. This is how we guarantee a responsible, kid-friendly nanny.

What are the benefits of using the Nanny Nina app?

You can pay your nanny with it. So easy, never have to worry about cash. It automatically sends you her hours, you check them and then it pays the nanny by withdrawing money from your account. So easy! For the nanny that means never having to wait for your money again, nor having to ask for it (the horror!).  

Nanny Nina app

The second benefit of our app is that we have push notifications. So if there is a new booking and you want a job asap as a nanny, just say you want to receive push notifications and you’re the first to respond! Thirdly it’s so easy to just use your phone when changing a booking or finding a nanny or look at your chat etc. I mean, who hasn’t got their phone with them at all times?!

Where can I find the Nanny Nina app?

You can find our app in the Appstore for Apple and in the Playstore for Android.
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